When we receive your application we check that the entry requirements have been met and then implement a two tier sifting process. This is conducted by the Consortium Director and Lead Subject Mentor for your subject.

We invite short-listed applicants to participate in a selection process involving the following:

Following the selection process we may offer you a place on our course. There are two types of offer:

Unconditional Offer – only given to applicants who fulfil all the entry requirements including secondary school experience.

Conditional Offer – where applicants need to meet the entry requirements e.g. graduate with an honours degree, gain secondary school experience or develop subject knowledge.

All those who receive an offer will be required to complete tasks prior to the start of the course, in particular in relation to subject knowledge. These may be set as conditions of an offer.

Teach a Lesson

We ask all candidates to teach a lesson or micro lesson to students. The topic for the lesson will depend on the point at which the class has reached in the scheme of work.  Further details about the class, number of students and level of ability will also be provided. 

Assessment criteria:

In assessing the micro lesson we will be looking for:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Your ability to engage and motivate a group of students
  • An enthusiasm for your subject
  • An ability to encourage and analyse feedback from the students
  • How you relate to the students and how they relate to you

Written task

You will be asked to complete a written task (handwritten) along the lines of a critical analysis.  The written task will focus on issues arising from your reading of an extract from a current educational journal.  It is also meant to give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you can communicate in writing accurately and effectively.

 Assessment criteria:

When we assess this written task we are looking for:

  • Good written communication skills including accurate spelling and clear handwriting
  • An awareness of the key issues
  • Good reflective capacity
  • An enthusiasm for teaching and the subject


The interview will last for approximately 40 minutes. The interview will provide us with an opportunity to ask you questions about a range of issues relating to your previous relevant experience, your skills, subject knowledge, teaching and learning and training to become a teacher. We will also give you an opportunity to ask questions if you wish.

Assessment criteria:

During the interview we will be looking for:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • An awareness of teaching and educational issues
  • An enthusiasm for your subject and teaching
  • Relevant experience
  • An ability to deal with difficult situations
  • Relevant personal attributes