The School Direct (tuition fee) course is 38 working weeks in length. During the course trainees will spend 4 days a week in their school placement and 1 day a week participating in the core programme. One day per week across the whole course will be spent participating in the Professional Studies and the Subject Studies core programme. One of the major strengths is that the training is delivered throughout the course by practising teachers and leaders within our schools who are able to model best practice.

Secondary – The variety of school experiences

Trainees are required to complete two substantial school placements: 

  • Placement 1 in term 1
  • Placement 2 in terms 2 and 3.

There will be also be scope for trainees to have additional placements that are different in character, context and in the experiences they will provide for the trainee. For example, a post-16 placement and a Special School placement. These opportunities will be used to further  enhance the types of schools that a trainee experiences. Trainees will be expected to complete a Key Stage 2 primary placement and task, usually before the start of the course.