The School Direct (tuition fee) course is 38 weeks in length. The course combines practical teaching with professional training and has been designed to give Trainee Teachers the necessary learning opportunities and support to enable them to demonstrate that they are meeting the Teachers’ Standards. There are in-built assessment structures which help Trainees to audit their knowledge and understanding as well as support to help remedy individual areas for development. Trainees are asked to select one of three distinct pathways to follow.

  • Ages 3-7 : Prepares Trainees to teach in both EYFS and Key Stage 1
  • Ages 5-11 : Prepares Trainees to teach in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
  • Ages 7-11 : Prepares Trainees to teach in both Upper and Lower Key Stage 2.

During the first half of the Autumn term the Trainee gains experience of their Host Placement Class whilst also spending time in other classes and age groups within this setting. In the second half of the Autumn Term, the Trainee will be expected to teach whole class lessons. After some preparation and planning time at the start of the Spring Term, the Trainee Teacher will undertake a six week block practice in their Twin Placement School teaching 50% of the timetable before returning to their host placement school after the February half term. In the Summer Term the Trainee will build up to teaching 80% of the timetable for the final six weeks of the programme.

The Trainee Teacher will receive support and guidance from a Mentor, Training Manager, Lead Practitioners and the Course Director. The Training Manager is the Trainee’s line manager and oversees them throughout the year. The Mentor, who is an experienced member of the school teaching team, works closely with the Trainee on development of all areas of teaching and learning. There is a close working relationship between all those involved in delivering training.

The School Direct (salaried) course is structured in exactly the same way. However, you will have had more experience of teaching before starting the course and will be receiving a salary from your host school. Therefore, you will be expected to teach a greater proportion of the timetable from the very start. We do offer the salaried route, however it is very important for you to secure an employing school prior to making your UCAS application.

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