Arriving at a new school in the middle of another national lockdown in a Year 2 classroom with no previous KS1 experience was a daunting experience but from the moment I arrived at Bishop William Ward C of E Primary school I have felt a part of the community there.  The office staff, TAs and the headteacher welcomed and incorporated me into school life from day 1, I have loved my experience here so far.  Due to the lockdown, I had the opportunity to build a good relationship with the TA in the class and a small group of essential worker children.  They have grown and developed during their time in school with me acting as their teacher full time alongside their TA.

This placement has been a complete contrast from my host placement as it follows a more traditional approach to teaching whereas before there was a significant focus on learning outside of the classroom.  This was incredibly eye-opening but also provided additional challenges to planning and teaching lessons, having had this experience previously has allowed me to bring these alternative ways of thinking into a more traditional school in order to show my personality and passions.  I have used tools and resources from both placements in my teaching practice which has enabled me to identify the things that are important to me as a teacher as well as things that work well in the classroom. In my host placement the teaching focus was on English and Maths whilst at my twin placement I have had the chance to teach my first science, RE and PE lessons.  This has been really exciting and new!

Once schools returned on the 8th March I found myself in a strange scenario where I met my two mentors for the first time as well as the rest of the class, having had the experience with the small group of children and the TA made this transition back to school much smoother and all of the children quickly adapted to my role as their teacher. It was great to have the chance to build a relationship with many of them through home learning first of all that could then follow through into the classroom environment.

I had such an incredible experience at my twin placement as I was surrounded by supportive colleagues and senior leaders, this encouraged me to apply when a class teacher job was advertised. I got the job and am now continuing my final portion of my training year at my twin placement learning as much as I can in preparation for my own class in my NQT year in September.