The CTTC School Centred Initial Teacher Training programme aims to encourage trainees to be creative, think critically, carry out targeted intervention and to work collaboratively. It is our view that the best teachers are those who are skilled at reflecting critically on both their own practice and the practice they observe around them and then make changes to what they do as a result. They question and consider the information they gain from reading and research and relate what they learn from this to their daily classroom experience. Our course aims to inspire Trainees to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to become highly reflective practitioners who are resilient, flexible and eager to learn within the ever-changing landscape of education. The strategic direction of our programme is set by local Headteachers who have a clear understanding of what they are looking for in a proficient Newly Qualified Teacher. Our centre-based training is planned and delivered by current practitioners who are keen to share their expertise and enthusiasm. Whilst our skilled Mentors, who are ready to devote their time and energy to providing the distinctive support you need, will help you develop your school-based training plan; modelling high quality teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum and offering feedback which will help you understand how to improve your practice on a daily basis.