Chloe Whittle – The Rewards of Teaching

Anyone considering a career in teaching will most likely be doing so because they are passionate about their subject and have a deep desire to support both the academic and social development of young adults.

Becoming a teacher means to become a role model: a figure of trust and respect. It also means to become a student again, to expose yourself to the vulnerabilities that all children face as they grow up and learn in the classroom. You too, will develop a ‘Growth Mindset’: a refreshing part of both personal and professional development.

To become a role model of self-actualisation, self-acceptance and self-respect are unprecedented rewards of becoming a teacher. Children are exceptionally forgiving (on the most part) when they believe and see the truth in front of them. As a teacher your role is to inspire the next generation by instilling self-belief and perseverance, which are essential tools in order to reap the rewards of attainment.

The varied ability and backgrounds of your students provide a rewarding field of opportunities to foster and develop new relationships and teaching methods.

Every day, a new situation will be presented to you full of challenge and ripe with opportunity to impart knowledge and wisdom; to encourage, challenge and stretch, so that every child can meet and exceed their highest potential.

Teaching is about openness, dedication and trust. To embody these qualities and model them to students supports them in their acquisition of new knowledge and the learning of life too.

Every teacher will experience different rewards based on what they bring to teaching just as every student will have a favourite subject. The smiles and laughter you will receive alongside hard work and the unique creativity that students will present are just some of the day- to-day rewards of teaching.

Witnessing the emotional triumphs, personal growth and of course their progress and achievements make it a rewarding career choice you know you were glad you made. It is a collaboration, a symbiotic process that involves students, teachers, parents and carers and is one that continues to both inspire and evolve the next generation each and every day.