How to Apply

Applications can be made through the new service called ‘Apply’ and completed online at or through UCAS at



Applications can be submitted from October for courses starting the following academic year, and we will continue to recruit until all our places are filled. 



Frequently Asked Questions



How do I decide whether to use UCAS or the DfE Apply platform?


Candidates should use UCAS if they are already completing an application through UCAS for another provider.  Some providers are not currently signed up to Apply for teacher training so therefore using UCAS would mean that applications are not made on two different systems. 


Candidates should use DfE Apply if all of the providers on their shortlist are signed up to the DfE Apply platform.  Using the DfE Apply platform will provide candidates with one-to-one support throughout the duration of their application process.


What is the difference between using UCAS and the DfE Apply platform?


The DfE will guide you through the application process when using the DfE Apply platform.  By using Apply for teacher training you are helping the DfE improve the teacher training application process.


Will I be at an advantage if I use the DfE Apply platform rather than UCAS?


No, we will consider your application in the same way whether you apply through UCAS or the DfE Apply platform.


What are the similarities between the two systems?


The qualifications that you need for teacher training are the same whether you apply through UCAS or the DfE Apply platform.  The course codes will also be the same across both platforms.